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Mum's Bubble


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Nov 10, 2015
South of England
I am new to Talking Point - I have been meaning to sign up to an Alzheimer's related site for a while, but never got around to it. My mum has Alzheimer's (now verging on full dementia) and as an author, I plan to write a book about Alzheimer's when I fully retire. Anyway, this is no way a promotional post, but I did want to share a poem I wrote a few years back about mum and her condition. I couldn't think of another more appropriate forum. Comments welcome!

Mum’s Bubble

How can it be?
Why did my mum catch this curse.
It happened so suddenly,
And now getting worse.

Like a short winter’s day,
When daylight fades quick,
Memories fast fading,
Where the colours of the past
Are now blurred feint grey shading.

She lives in a bubble,
Which only she can perceive;
Sometimes hard to acknowledge
And for me to conceive.

An old age thing they say,
But how long ‘til it’s time,
When mum no longer recalls
I’m her son and my name.

Mum will always be mum,
But it will be so sad,
To both me and my brothers,
When that day comes,
And we’re just one of the others.


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Jul 20, 2011
Great poem thank you for sharing xx
Welcome to TP, it's a great place to be.