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mum now bedridden and now leaving me only days left-Mum at peace now on Mothers Day


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Jun 14, 2010
Mum at peace on Mothers Day

Mum slipped away at 3.45pm today. Your strength and prayers helped me greatly. Its been an exhausting day. Senior carer and myself with Mum to the end. (I walked the path right to the end of our physical relationship ensuring she was cared for and everything in place). Once doctor had been, we washed and dressed her - at her home in the dementia unit , those who loved her continuing her care. She was loved by all. I was comforting some the carers. I am happy for Mum a positive for her no longer confused and on such a special day, it was a privilege to be with her on our special day. I feel relieved now, the elastic band now calm. There is a funny side, once the funeral directors had gone (I didn`t want to see this), the senior carer came in the staff room and gave a slip of paper "Oh I said is this a receipt for her body!" we had a laugh before we disintregated. I hope its not too long before the funeral. I will say my final goodbye to her before the service. Iam home with my family, glass of wine too in celebration of her life and a thank you to her for making me her daughter.
Thank you all
Heather xxx


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Aug 28, 2014
You can be comforted by the love your mum and youself were shown. I wish you peace in the days to come. You are a wonderful daughter.


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Jan 19, 2011
North East England
Your post has brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely passing for your mum, with peace and dignity and love. What a special relationship you must have had. You are in my thoughts this evening x


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Aug 8, 2012
Beautiful words Heather. She was lucky to have you and I'm glad you were together to the end of the roller coaster.

Wishing you strength for the coming days xxx