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Mum in EMI ward not allowed out?


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Aug 13, 2014
My mum was admitted to a Care Home around a year ago. She is 95, fist stages of dementia, and has a sleeping disorder which means that she is awake during the night time.

She started off in the normal ward of the Care Home, but it proved difficult because of the lack of caring staff when she was awake and wandering. A decision was made to put her in the EMI ward because it is covered with 24/7 staff, this is a grey area to put someone with mental capacity into an EMI ward, but because it was for her safety I did approve.

However, there is now a problem the EMI Carers are reluctant to leave my mother outside (attended) during the nice weather she is locked in! My mother is not at all happy with this situation and I don't blame her.

I have tried to get something done through the Care Home management and also my mother's social worker, but I am getting nowhere.

Any one else been in this situation? or any other advice would be very much appreciated.



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Aug 30, 2013
Could she live with the general population during the day, and go to bed in the EMI ward at night?



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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
Bod's idea sounds a good solution - so long as some of the non-EMI residents are going outside.

What explanation has the care home given? Are there any secure grounds for her to wander in? Is it just that they don't have enough staff? (That would be my guess).

Hope you can find a solution, I think going outside for a breath of fresh air even if only for a few minutes is a pleasure no-one should be denied. Do you live close enough to visit and take her out yourself?


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Aug 13, 2014
Bod that is a good solution and it has been discussed, but whether it will be implemented I do have my doubts, hope I am wrong.

The Care Home are stating that they are understaffed to have a person sit outside with the residents, which I find so unfair and to keep my mother locked in (because she does has the mental capacity) is nothing but cruel. The grounds are fairly secure but she does need assistance to be taken outside because of her poor eyesight. I think that she will quite happy just to sit outside and not move. I visit my mum around 4 days a week and I always take her outside, but I don't believe that this is enough during this hot weather, even the windows are closed in the EMI unit! My mother hates it!

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