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Mum has Vascular and Alzheimers's Dementia - Moderate


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Feb 8, 2014
South Yorkshire
Hi, What traits am I likely to see? Does anyone else care for a person with mixed dementia? Do they tend to show symptoms of one dementia more than the other? I can't find much information for mixed dementia in books and leaflets. Thanks x


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Mar 28, 2015
Yup. Mum has mixed Vascular and Alzheimer's. Personally I think the balance tips more towards the Vascular Dementia for two reasons:

Her symptoms have got far worse following a couple of TIAs and mini strokes.

She was prescribed Memantine because they thought it might help the Alzheimer's but it seems to have made no difference at all, however the doctors advise against taking her off it after all this time in case she deteriorates.

Mum has always been a lovely friendly person, everyone loved her and she would always help anyone, whether she knew them or not. Even now her concern is for my Dad and his condition, for my brother and how hard he works, for me that she and my Dad think I do too much for them (I really don't). First and foremost she was and is a Wife and Mother.

She is totally non-aggressive, usually accepts things and doesn't argue with anything and complies with what we tell her is best. I know from reading this forum that we are incredibly lucky in that. So far, anyway.

On the negative side she has no short term memory whatsoever, has largely retreated from social interaction, gets tearful most mornings (this has been controlled quite well by Mirtazapine), has lost much of her vocabulary so cannot hold a conversation anymore, rarely washes without prompting and seems happy to just sit watching as others prepare meals, drinks etc (that is TOTALLY opposite to how she has always been).

But there is no template for Dementia, mixed or otherwise. Your Mum could have a totally different progression.

You will however find this place incredibly supportive and a mine of really useful information. Stay strong. xxx


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Mar 9, 2015
My Mum has mixed also. I was told by a GP that vascular would be the predominant one and that I was to be aware of strokes and TIAs. My mum has deteriorated quite rapidly and has no interest in personal hygiene, and will happily sit in dirty clothes, Im not sure she washes or cleans her teeth and certainly needs prompting to do so. She no longer makes her own meals or drinks and seems to have lost any interest in television. At the moment she is locked in the past. She is currently being prescribed Memantine but to be honest this seems to make no difference at all, and like Suzanna 1969 says, the medical staff will not take the medication away. Mirtazapine was also prescribed to help lift the mood and to encourage eating. This made no difference at all. The once house proud woman has become a shell of her former self and it is shocking to see what this disease does. On a positive note she seems extremely happy and will giggle at the silliest of things. I never know what to expect when I go to see her and as her memory is so bad I tend to repeat myself over and over and if I feel she does not understand I can change the tale for her benefit.

This site has been so supportive over the past year or so and it is nice to feel that we are not alone. May I wish you well and hope that your journey is not too troublesome x x

Tiller Girl

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May 14, 2012
My OH also has mixed dementia and presents with very similar things to the previous two postings. Virtually no short term memory, little conversation, only watches some tv now , hates having a shower and also hates going to sleep.

Apart from all that he can still walk the dogs, loves vacuuming and cleaning and is quite amenable really. He loves to help but he can sometimes get in the way so I usually find him things to do. After lunch he takes the dogs for a walk and then he just likes to sit and do wordsearches.

What I've found is that this dementia has highlighted the characteristics of his personality. He's always liked to help out and he's does so now with a degree of OCD.

He wouldn't be able to look after himself if he was in his own though. He can't cook anything and he can't remember whether he's eaten or not as his memory is so bad. He's also become quite clingy and likes me to be in the same room as him most of the time.

He was also given the same medication but within 3 weeks of him taking it . He'd changed completely, crying and agitated so I stopped him taking it. He doesn't have any medication at all now as he has other medical problems which prevent him having anything.


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Apr 30, 2013
Vascular dementia

My husband was diagnosed almost 6 years ago now. We have been through various stages over the years and are now at the point where he doesn't or can't do anything at all, no gardening, decorating and the like although he likes to wash up! Today we have had strops about not being allowed to do anything, being sworn at, accusing me of things too embarrassing to mention here. Gone to bed 9 pm and tomorrow he will wake up,and be lovely self again with no recollection of what happened today, probably appearing almost normal. I have learnt a lot over the years of ways to deal with things but find myself getting pretty low sometimes. I try to take him out every day to both stimulate him and tire him out by the end of the outing but it does get exhausting. Take all,offers of help to you get and if poss get involved with memory cafes and the like as he realises he is not the only one suffering. Next week we are going on a 'dementia adventure' holiday for five days. I'm both looking forward to it and apprehensive at the same time but at least they are all couples like us so there will be plenty of understanding wishing you well

Lisa T

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Oct 2, 2015
My dad has just been diagnosed with vascular dementia. He's so confused and scared. I don't know what to do. Seems to he deteriorating really rapidly :(