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Mum diagnosed with mixed dementia in March


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Jun 12, 2015
My mum was diagnosed with mixed dementia in March.
We always knew she had memory problems...she herself had noticed her memory wasn't so good and visited her GP 12 month ago.
After a while she was referred to the local memory clinic where she was assessed further and given her diagnosis.

She is now on medication for Alzheimers and continues to be assessed to see if the medication is working.

She is 82 and lives on her own. She copes well at the moment. We just have to keep an eye on her medication, appointments, take her shopping and a few other bits.

We have so far received a tremendous amount of support from the Alzheimers Society, thank you so much.
The Citizens Advice Bureau have been helping us with Lasting Power of Attorney, Benefits Checks, and much more.
We also have support from the Bassetlaw Action Centre who help with so many things ranging from local support groups to ramps/ steps/ handrails.

We are so lucky that we have support in the community and the support of other family members. I know many have no one to turn to.

What does the future hold? I don't know.