moving from long stay care in hosp to a home


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Mar 16, 2004
Hi All,

Nada is prodding me to get a picture of Frodo up so will do asap and pop it in the tea room (feign interest please!!)

I know of a lady who is very distressed by the fact that her mother is going to be moved from her hospital ward where she has lived for 10 years, to a nursing home because she is regarded as a bed blocker.

This lady knew of many people who had similarly been moved and who died within weeks and wanted to hear a positive moving story. I said I was sure they must exist so please e mail me them and I will contact her again and let her know that there are positive experiences out there.

Thank you kind people!

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Jan 31, 2004
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Hi Sally
Jan was in hospital, bed-blocking, for only 5 months, so that is not long term.

In reality I believe the main question is to do with the ability of the care home to cataer for a patient's particular needs. Also, the type of accommodation varies - shared rooms, single rooms, ability to have belongings there, visiting hour regime, and so on.

The main fear in the relative's mind is of care homes per se. There are so many bad stories, and so few good stories told.

I was very concerned when they told me that Jan had to move to a home, but there was only one that could be used, due to Jan's condition, and that was on the same general site as the hospital.

I checked it out - it is actually excellent, possibly one of the best anywhere. The hospital screwed up the changeover by not telling the home of Jan's care needs, but filling her bed at once after she had moved, so she could not be returned there.

Once I acquainted the home with Jan's true needs, they responded at once, and over time she has put on all the weight she lost at hospital, and now is as happy as she can reasonably be expected to be. The staff are all immensely caring.

So, all in all, a story of a happy change.

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Mar 16, 2004
Hi Bruce,

anything positive is going to be of help to this lady I think so thank you for your contribution.

x x


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Mar 31, 2004
Hi Sally

My Mum went into a care home last year, admittedly not from hsopital, but from home with me. Although I knew it had to be, I was apprehensive about it all, but I have to say I am delighted with the place, and the care she receives. She has gone into a newly built home where everyone has their own room and bathroom. The standard of accommodation, food, activities is very high, and the carers are extremely good. It took a while for her to settle, but she is fine now. There are really good homes out there, not just the bad ones we all fear. Hope this helps.


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