Mother has gone into a residential dementia home.


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Jul 30, 2021
My Mother has been in a residential dementia home now for 7 weeks. I was here carer for about ten years. It got to the point where I was not getting much sleep and had to have night carers in to help. Then after her having two weeks in hospital was advised by the Doctors that it was time for her to go into a home and maybe six months left to live. They have now started to give her Mirtazapine. Now I need advice as live in Mums home and am wondering what will happen when all the savings go and the council takes over does the property have to be sold as all in Mums name. Dad died six years ago he also had Alzheimer’s. I start a part time job soon. Have no other family to help.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello @Mag.S

I think if you are over 60 and it is your main home, you will be able to stay, but I`m not sure.

Please contact the Support Line just to make certain. I would hate to give you incorrect information.

Thw line is open today 10am-4pm


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Apr 4, 2024
Ex carers living full time in the home proven to have been there for the duration not just to avoid selling, is exemption in including the property as a current asset when local authority means test you at the £ 23250 savings threshold. Although as they take months id suggest informing them to start assessment process when savings are higher than threshold ie when you are down to 30k


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Jan 24, 2019
Sorry to jump onto someone elses thread, but apart from my dads situation we also have family in the UK with care needs and a house to sell etc etc. Does anyone know if the rules in Scotland are the same? I know that sometimes Scotland and England have slightly different rules on health care?


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Dec 21, 2022
Please don’t just jump for a direct auction agent as there are often hidden fees. Go to a couple of your local estate agents and ask them to come out for a valuation. They will often have lists of prospective buyers and should know their area.


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Dec 31, 2023
If you are 60 or over you should be able to stay in your mothers home if you were living there before your mother entered the care home. If you are under 60 and it is your only home I think you should make sure that the local council know this and request a disregard.