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Mom Depressed In The Morning


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Aug 27, 2012
My mom suffers very badly from depression in the morning. She tends to get up early and go around the house looking for her long-deceased parents, siblings and other relatives. Then when she realises they are not there, she goes to bed and cries. When I try to talk with her and encourage her, she says that she wishes she was dead. But within about one hour and with a cup of tea plus biscuit by her bed, she will get up, wash herself as best she can, dress slowly and come down to some breakfast. Then she seems to be fairly happy (if worried) for the rest of the day. What can be done about this morning depression? It blights her life and it is awful to see an old lady suffering in that way. Is morning depression common in dementia sufferers? Can it be treated with medicines?

60's child

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Apr 23, 2013
Hi Snapshot
I find my Mum gets more depressed in the evenings but is ok in the morning. It might be worth seeing if you can get an appointment with her Doctor to discuss your concerns. Sometimes medication can help but they may be reluctant as she improves during the day. It is so hard seeing someone you love so sad isnt it? I hope there will be someone along who may have more advice on how to overcome her sadness in the mornings.
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