Mom broke her knee


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Jul 24, 2006
West Midlands
Its been a while since I Have posted, Mom broke her knee Friday before Christmas at the home, so we ended up at the hospital for hours and they finally sent her back to the home as they said they could cope, you can image the the confused state mom was in at the hospital, she could not understand why she could not walk and someone had had her stick etc. etc.

They let her sleep in the lounge as they could not trust her not the attempt to get out of bed, as this is how she fell in the first place, having gone to bed and got up and was getting dressed, she has been sleeping downstairs in the lounge since the accident, they did ask for permission to put cot rails on the bed, tried it once and she climbed over, you wonder where she gets the strength from. I keep telling her she will have to go back to her room, but she says she is ok where she is and everyone sleeps there. We were not able to have her out for Christmas Lunch, but visited her.

She has now had the large plaster removed and two pieces put on so that she can bend her knee and has got to wait until 21st Feb to have this off, however, they have said she can now walk with a frame. That should be interesting.

Mom gets very confused, sometimes she thinks she is on holiday, cannot remember when people have visited her, even the same day, her short term memory seems to have deterioated alot. She is eating well and physically seems better in herself.

My husband and I are going on holiday next week, the first for a year, they have said it would be better not to tell her I am going away and it tends to cause them to be more anxious. My daughters and my cousin will be visiting her while I am away. She does get bored but will not read or cannot or watch ther TV anymore, although they do put it on in the lounge and they have activities during the week, which is probably why she thinks she is on holiday, she says it not as good as before and she would not come again.

Mom is incontinent now, not always, as mom as VD not quite sure what stage she is at, she has never had a stroke, just the small ones that you do not know about which causes the vd.

She loves to see my granddaughter who is 3months old now, but she cannot remember her name, I take her usaully once a week to see her and all the other ladies in the home.

Bye for now.


Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Pat, I remember when my mother had a stay in hospital with Shingles. She was really confused, had a bed with side rails and also kept trying to climb out. She too kept having `mini strokes`. They were never witnessed, they just happened and after each one there was a deterioration. It`s upsetting but what can you do?
I hope you have a really good holiday. It looks as if you have everything under control, re visits for your mother, so enjoy yourself.

Love Sylvia x


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Jul 24, 2006
West Midlands
Thanks Sylvia

Thanks for your reply, I do not feel as if everything in under control, far from it, I just feel I need a break to cope with whatever the future offers.

I am an only child and other than my children, who are now adults, it is diffiicult
to explain how you feel.





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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Pat,
Good to hear from you again . Go away and enjoy your holiday - you sound as though you need it. The home seems to have established a routine with your mum, and as you say other family members will be on hand if needed.
Love Helen


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Aug 23, 2005
Dear Pat

It's so hard isn't it?

I remember when my Dad was in a special hospital and kept falling out of bed - at that time in that environment they were not allowed to put cot rails up to prevent it so they put him in a special chair (cannot recollect the name of it) - it was at ground level and sloped quite steeply backwards which made it pretty near impossible for him to get out of. Even if he did get out, he was on floor level so couldn't really hurt himself.

Probably too much to expect, but maybe the home could obtain one of these and place it in your Mum's room until she no longer needed it!

Meanwhile, DO PLEASE HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY. Your Mum would want you to!

Best wishes.