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Jun 22, 2022

How reliable is the MMSE? My mother took it and scored really well on it.

I have a crippling fear of her getting dementia. Her mom got it and passed at 86.

She is starting to have a hard time remembering planned dates. And uses a calendar more. Not sure if it’s concerned.

Violet Jane

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Aug 23, 2021
How old is your mother? Becoming a bit more forgetful as you age is not uncommon but it's a question of degree. Some people who are later diagnosed with dementia do well on the MMSE. It is only one diagnostic tool.

You have only mentioned her struggling to remember planned dates and using a calendar more. Could you be more specific about this? Are there other things that worry you? I think that apart from short term memory problems it's the inability to manage everyday tasks that they used to be able to do that's the big red flag. Changes in personality, apathy, losing interest in hobbies, becoming socially withdrawn and paying less attention to personal hygiene are causes for concern although they might signal something else e.g. depression.

I would keep a diary of worrying symptoms and incidents. This might or might not show a pattern of worrying behaviour which you can show to the doctor later if need be.

I hope that your mother has had the usual blood tests to rule out other things which can cognitive issues e.g. thyroid problems.


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Jun 22, 2022
My mom will be 72 next month. She seems to be fine with everyday tasks. She can tell you directions on how to get to her job. All the street addresses around her. Drama that happened at work the day prior. She’s still social. She remembers to take her meds. Still bathes. Remembers if she left the oven on. I gave her a word find activity book and a coloring book that she loves.

But I remember when I was coming into town a few weeks ago she kept asking me the dates I was coming into town every time we would speak. When my niece was in town and her mom was about to come pick her up. She kept asking my niece what time her mom was picking her. Her excuse as to why she kept asking was because her mom always changes the time.

So idk. I know she’s a huge worrier. And has always had anxiety. She’s always in her head. So she could be just distracted.

She does have her blood drawn and does have thyroid problems. But she takes meds and has taken meds for that for a while now.
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