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Dec 30, 2011
Ys, I have just watched "Reported Missing" - probably not a good idea for people to watch if they have relatives who go wandering but the outcomes were good in both cases - made tears come to my eyes. I think the lady whose husband went missing wouldn't have been able to leave him alone at home again. I did think that Sheila might have got on a bus even without a travel pass and wondered why they didn't alert bus drivers. I suppose there are so many possibilities when a person is mobile.

The programme makers do up the ante a bit with such dramatic music. I'm not sure everybody would appreciate their sad stories being treated as a drama.

Starting on a journey

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Jul 9, 2019
Just watched it with my mum. She said that the families should lock the back door!!
She was glad they were found but especially glad that the man whose wife was missing had better teeth when seen after the initial part of the program. She did say that as the husband obviously had sight problems his wife was better off in a home as he could not look after her.
She did not understand why the lady had left her husband to go out and said to me “she won’t leave him again!”. Oh bless of course she went out, she had things to do, to live a normal life.
Still nice to watch with mum and very very glad that it showed the hard work put in by police officers to find vulnerable missing people.