Mild cognitive disorder


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Aug 24, 2009
My wife has just been diagnosed to have MCI.
She has high blood pressure 155/95 puls 95 average.
She is in good spirit and active at 5ft 6" and 9st 3 lbs
She is 65 this October and never smoked or drinks.
There is an excess of confusing information on the internet
and at this early stage she is not yet on any treatment.

Next month she will see the Consultant regarding the best line in treatment and prevention of progression.
Our question for the Consultant include
1/ Is progress to Alzheimers preventable?
2/ Is MCI revesable?
3/Should the treatment be agressive or be more a conservative holding treatment? and what is the risk of taking treatments and side effects against doing nothing? What do the treatment do?
4/ What is a good diet, exercise, and memory routine and will it help?

Has any one on the web site any sugestions, experience or advise as to what eles I should be asking, about new treatment, diagnosis, tests,or anything?
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Mar 23, 2005
Hi HarryH,

Welcome to Talking Point (TP).

You might want to take a look at the Alzheimer's Society's factsheet on Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI):

While cognitive difficulties are never easy, it is a good thing that you and your wife will be seeing a consultant to discuss her condition next month. Many people don't get this type of medical attention so early. Hopefully the consultant will be able to answer the questions that you have posed.

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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham
Hi Harry

I had all these questions when I was first diagnosed, and I was advised by my consultant to go back to her with any questions I had, as there was far too much conflicting information on these websites, and this does more harm than good.

You consultant knows what is going on, and it is well known that the consultation time is short, but many allow extra time for questions as and when they appear. Some even answer questions over the telephone, so please try them.

Our hospital has nurses who can also answer questions or get the answers, and the same can be said for the memory nurses who come round.

I got very confused and annoyed reading this stuff on certain web sites and now I don't recommend "anything", but your own Consultant, for your own safety and piece of mind.

It make take time but its well worth it.