MIL again


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Jun 4, 2012
Hi all

MIL has been off antibiotics for about a week and guess what YET another UTI diagnosed today, which explains some of agression/mood swings etc. Had an incident with cooking apples yesterday!!

Well story of life swings and roundabouts

Take care



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Feb 18, 2012
North Staffordshire
It is a worry when these UTI's keep reoccurring, my mum seems to be the same, now, but never used to have them.

Hope they get it sorted for you.


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Sep 12, 2012
Preston \lancashire
Hi C
My mum has had 3 UTI in the space of 2 months.

I asked the nurses at the CH last week if they were going to do a test to see if the infection had gone (she had just finished her last round of antibiotics)

They said "NO" there was no point as she would not be able to have any more antibiotics even if she still had the infection.

Anyway mum came home on Saturday after 3 weeks in Respite care - the sad news is she had to go back yesterday - she was crying all the time and being verbally abusive (part of her AD).

I still think she has an UTI but nobody belives me

Kind wishes an lots of love and light


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Feb 10, 2010

I suspect this is happening because they are just giving her broad spectrum antibiotics rather than ones which are specific to the infection which she has. I would certainly be insisting that they do a culture and prescribe the right anti-biotic. I feel really strongly about this because my poor mother had the same thing happen and her dementia suffered as a result of it. Once they gave her the right anti-biotic it was like day and night!



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Oct 18, 2010
North East England
Damned UTIs. cause more aggro than a room full of ...well, Anything really!!:D Hope it's cleared soon.

So...what was the incident with the apples then???? You can't leave it like that.:D;):D


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Jun 4, 2012

Thanks for all replies, MIL has basically been on /off antibiotics for the last four months,
(chest infection/UTI) but hopefully now that they have finally changed GP's to one who is pro active and has an interest in geriatrics , hopefully the meds prescribed will target the specific infection.

Dropped off a bag of cooking/eating apples/pears and plums. Quines are a disaster this year. MIL tipped them on the floor with why didn't I b"""""r off with the fruit as SHE doesn't eat this C""P. So answer was I'm going and she didn't have to eat it, SIL and the other residents could no doubt use said fruit and any more that I brought.
Phoned this a.m. am I going round today NO, not until Friday. Tears nobody loves or cares for me BOO HOO:D