Memory Aids


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Apr 28, 2003
hello Lynne
There are all sorts of things that you could try - some things work with some people and some don't. It's important to try different strategies but don't overdo it and be prepared for some frustration. Have a look at the factsheet on maintaing skills on the Alzheimer's Society website:
There is also a handy bit in 'At Your Fingertips' book on the RCP website: take a look at chapter 5 'Communication & Activities'

Jane B

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Oct 20, 2003

I've discovered that the Guardian Online shop sells a wall clock and alarm clock that are radio controlled - so they pick up a radio signal so are accurate and change automatically when the clocks change to winter/summer time. I've ordered one for my mother as she constantly worries about what the time is and always forgets to change the clocks forward/back.