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Nov 23, 2007
Hi All
As you might know, Ron has Parkinson's and dementia - so THEY say.
He has been sleeping a lot during the day, so because of this he does not sleep all night. He has been given LORAZEPAM for the night time, 0.05mg and increase to 1mg if tolerated. Well, it makes no difference, in fact, he is even more tired the following day, and more confused.

He is also taking MADOPAR for his Parkinson's 3 X 125mg per day. SIMVASTATIN 40mg per day, and dispersible asprin 75mg per day.
Can anyone tell me, is there a sleeping pill that will help him sleep all night, and than enable him to stay awake during the day (within reason).
Yes, I am asking for me, I do need sleep. BUT, Ron has now told me he wants to sleep all night, and is fed up of being awake.
He is also fed up of being asleep all day, but he cannot help it.
Any advice please ?
Thanks Barb X


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Barbara, can understand how you BOTH must be feeling.

Sleep, at the right time, was always so essential to me when I was caring at home.

I would however say 'go back to GP' rather than try anything that may be recommended. Ron is already on a cocktail of meds, and I would not think it wise to add/subtract to these in any way.

Please let us know how you get on.
Wishing you well.