Love - Part two


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Mar 5, 2011
Milnrow, near Rochdale
Thank all who who replied to my thread - very supportive I do feel very fortunate to be in contact with such special people who have all like me had their lives re-arranged by this Altz infliction. Perhaps we are special people, cosidered capable of coping and learning what is shielded from humanity in generel, who knows?
To conclude my ramblings, I'll describe my latest encounter with love of a different kind. 11am at the Milnrow cenotaph, a gathering of about 500 people. I must have been standing too long as I collapsed on a young lady standing next to me.Her quiet reaction,along with a few other carng people carefully found me somewhere to sit and get my bearings.The young lady inquired where I lived and insisted on sorting me out when she heard that I live on my own,I protested but to no avail. It was lovely holding her arm-loving and caring there'still a lot in the world.


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Aug 6, 2010
NE England
Not long before my mother was diagnosed, she was out shopping and slipped in the snow.
A young "hoodie" ran from the other side of the road and picked her up and a young girl pulled over in her car. They both stayed with her until they were sure she was ok, then the girl took her home in her car, despite the roads being really bad.
I wished I could find out who they were to thank them both.
Just shows there are many caring people out there - young and old. :)


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Aug 24, 2010
North Yorkshire
Hello & hope you are feeling much better today & how very kind of the Young Lady to help you & also to take you Home :) Just goes to show there are people who show Love & Care to others

Love Grove x x