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Local Authorities Disputing Who Should Pay For Mum's Care


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Jan 27, 2016
In October mum was taken into hospital after suffering a couple of falls at home. She was in hospital until December, during this time she was diagnosed as having vascular dementia and epileptic seizures. She was assessed by her local Social Services and it was decided that mum would need to go into a care home on her release from hospital. As mum had savings of £30k I informed Social Services that mum would be self funded but only for a short period of time and asked how much they would be willing to pay when her savings dipped below £23,250 - I was told that they would pay around £500 per week. Unfortunately my mother lived in a local authority where care homes tend to charge a higher rate and as I didn't want to have to move her elsewhere when her savings ran out I managed to find a lovely care home just over the border into another local authority that charged £515 per week. I kept mum's local authority informed as to the care home she would probably be moving into. When mum did move into the care home I informed the local authority who said they would not be liable to pay for her care as she had moved into another local authority and that that local authority pays around £474 a week. I got in touch with Adult Social Services of the local authority that mum now lives in and they said as the assessment was done by mum's original local authority it was down to them to pay for mum's care NOT the local authority she now lived in. I am in the position now where the legal departments of both local authorities are battling out between themselves, in the meantime the care home have put their fees up unexpectedly and once we have paid next month's care home invoice mum's savings will have fallen below £23,250. At no stage was I told that if mum moved into a care home outside of her local authority that they would no longer be responsible for her, nor was I told that there could possibly be a difference in the financial assistance on offer. Has anyone else had experience of this sort of thing and if so how did it resolve itself?


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Jun 4, 2010
West Midlands

I don't know the ins and outs completely, but have read on here something along the lines that finances are the responsibility of the original local authority in some circumstances.

I would be tempted to advise you to let the LA's fight it out between them.
Refuse to pay any top ups as you have informed them of everything that was planned. With the hope that those that really understand how to deal with the financing will come along and give you the proper information.

My gut feeling is that the LA are trying to get out of their responsibility.

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