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    Hi, I'm in need of some clarity. I moved back from Ireland with my daughter (12) to care for aunt with advanced moderate dementia. I am applying for deputyship. We live in her house. If she needs to go into a care home and has the pensions to cover costs with the possibility of me topping up any short fall, can we continue to live in her house? Also .. the doctor nor the memory clinic will complete the medical assessment part of the application, either saying they don't do legal forms for deputyship or her doc just refuses to complete the form but has given a letter stating she thinks my aunt's has a high probability of dementia. Any thoughts would be really helpful as I fear for me and my daughters and where we will live as London is hugely expensive on rent.
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    Local authorities want the fees covered and are not too bothered about where it comes from. If your aunt's pension plus the rent you would pay were able to cover the fees then end of story. Of course if other family members objected that would be a separate situation.

    Just a thought. Do you know that you can get Power of Attorney by downloading the forms and completing them yourself. If aunt agrees and one of her friends or neighbours witnesses that she has agreed you can then register it without applying for deputy.
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    If you and your aunt can cover the care fee the LA would not be involved as she would be regarded as self funding. You and your daughter can remain in the house.
    If you were a deputy or attorney you would have to pay a fair rent, else it depends on whether other family members are involved.

    If the LA become involved the house would not be disregarded in any financial assessment, you could still remain in it if a deferred payment agreement is arranged. Your daughter would not be regarded as an under age relative. I've assumed you are under 60.

    A list of which practitioners can sign the Assessment of Capacity is included on the form

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