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Live Q&A on dementia and finance - 3 November


Staff member
Apr 29, 2014
Hi everyone,

Please see below for details of this live Q&A with Santander and Alzheimer's Society :)


What is this event?

Alzheimer’s Society and Santander’s Facebook Live Q&A is a financial wellbeing event, hosted live on Facebook on 3 November 2021. The event will showcase an expert panel of speakers from Alzheimer’s Society and Santander. We will be asking the public to submit their finance and dementia-related questions through our Facebook event, to be answered live on the day.

It is an opportunity to talk through some of the most common concerns when dealing with finance and dementia, and the ways both organisations can help. The event is not around general financial advice.

Who is it for?

This event is for anyone who has questions or wants information around the common themes that arise when dealing with dementia and finance. You might have questions such as How do I protect my loved one’s account when they have dementia? How do I manage my money if I am living with dementia? What is a lasting power of attorney?

You could be living with dementia yourself or be a family member or a friend of someone living with dementia.

What will you get out of it?

We want you to leave the event feeling confident about some of the main issues that surround finance and dementia, and that you can turn to Alzheimer’s Society and Santander for further guidance. We want you to feel that you are not alone. We also want you to know about the great resources Alzheimer’s Society have, and the fantastic ways Santander are working to help customers with dementia.

The Q&A will be taking place >here<