"let It Be"


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Oct 16, 2003
Just thought i would share this little moment,

Mum came down for breakfast this morning and i knew instantly she had her "aggression head" on so i faced her with the calm approach and humoured her for 10 mins until she just sat down as normal to eat. I chatted away and thought i would push my luck and ask her if she would like a bath, after reminding me she had been in the bath every day this week (if only) she eventually agreed and would have one after i had given her breakfast (again!). i left her eating her 5th piece of toast (where do they put it) and nipped up to run the bath only to discover the bath now at overflow stage as mum must have set it running before coming down and forgot. as i tried desperately to submerge my hand into the red hot water to remove the plug mum appeared behind me and proceeded to ask me "what the hell was i playing at wasting all that water and did i not know she only likes a small amount of water to bathe in and if i wanted to waste water can i **** ** home and waste my own"......... Then as i stood and put my very red arm under the cold tap i heard the song "Let It Be" by the beatles come on the radio (has anyone ever listened closely to the words of that song) and i just giggled to myself, dried my arm, soaked up the water of the floor and went back down to mum who was just sat at the table wanting to know when could she have some breakfast....."now mum, now



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May 28, 2003
I loved your posting.
Oh how we can all relate to this situation in such similiar situations as our own.
My God / someone give us the strength.
I havent really listened to the words of the song. . . but will think of you when I seek it out.
keep smiling hon. . . Oh and let it be!