Let it all out share how you feel


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Nov 6, 2023
Hi so I am currently in highschool and I have chosen to do a large project on the emotional affects of caregivers who take care of their loved ones with Alzheimer’s. I work in a nursing home and I see a lot of family’s firsthand deal with this. If you could spare some time of your day to help me out by explaining some of the things you go through or just how you feel it would help so much. I’m trying to raise awareness for all that caregivers do. Everyone will remain anonymous.


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Apr 19, 2023
My husand was diagnosed in July after 2 years of wondering what was wrong with him. Initially I would say it was a relief to finally get a diagnosis to explain what it was.
Our life as a couple started changing way before the diagnosis. I grieved and still do for the husband I once had. I feel in disbelief that this is happening in our life. Instead of having a strong confident intelligent husband who took care of me and was calm and and caring I now have a man who totally depends on me to look after every aspect of our life, is unable to understand if I am upset or stressed and does not understand or think that there is anything wrong with him.
I suppose we are in fairly early stages, I can still leave him on his own, he goes out walking our dog, washes, dresses and goes to bed/sleeps as and when he should.
I feel like over the last 2 or so years there has been drip drip drip of more and more responsibility coming solely to me.
He isn't able to understand or follow instructions, even put this item or rubbish into the green bin. He asks over and over what he has to do, which is the green bin, then I see him out the window hovering around the bin not knowing what to do and often he comes back inside with the piece of rubbish to clarify what he is to do with it. That is 1 out of 100 examples I could give, but consequently the whole running of the house, finances, shopping, decision making, our whole life is now down to me. It is a heavy weight to bear whilst at the same time not having the person you love but having this person with Alzheimers.
I no longer have my husband I have a man with Alzheimers, I don't like it one bit.