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leaving a mess in the bathroom


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Aug 25, 2014
Hi , I'm sure this is a common problem but was wondering how others manage/ deal with their mum leaving faeces smeared on the toilet and floor and anywhere else in the bathroom. I think she tries clearing it up but makes it worse. Have to bath her as its easiest to get her clean as can't clean herself up properly. Its so sad and mum used to be proud of her appearance but thanks to Alzheimer's she has lost that :(


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Aug 30, 2013
Have cleaning equipment, for both her and the room, kept in the bathroom.
Have a toileting schedule, that can head off the worst of the incidents.



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Feb 19, 2010
The Sweet North
I found that lysol wipes work great for fast clean up.
Dettol wipes and similar in UK. For floor, toilet seat etc.

I use Tena 3-in-1 wipes for my husband. I've tried others, but these are a decent size, and kind to the skin.

Have plastic bags at the ready (always have one opened out) to put all these wipes in ready for binning. They're not good down toilets, clog up the drains.

Sometimes though, as you say, wipes etc aren't up to it, and a bath or shower it is, with a spot of disinfectant in the plughole afterwards!


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Dec 19, 2014

i have the same problem with my mother ! She's 90tommorow ! She has no control over her bowels now and has a wet room ! The toilet is always a mess toilet and on the floor ! I have kitchen roll and bin liners at the ready ! Rubber gloves on and baby wipes for mother and wiping everywhere down ! Her clothes get covered in mess also ! But at her age it don't matter she's is still alive and ticking ! She has dementia and very little short term memory so it's no good trying to get her to be cleaner and to be more careful in the bathroom ! Cos she can't hold any info she forgets what you say as soon as you have said it ! So it's just a matter of trying to keep on top of a bad job !