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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
There is an interview in this months SAGA magazine which I sure you will all find interesting.Our Dr Ladyman talks of his plans for the future.
Say No more read it


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May 20, 2003
Hello Norman

I found the article (at least I think it is right one - it is named as January 2004 !!!!) - after searching in Google . I hav eposted it in a new thread on RESOURCES called Care HOmes.

Here is section referring to Stephen Ladyman - "He believes the future lies in “extra care packages”, a kind of super-sheltered housing where everyone has their own flat but there are nurses and care workers and perhaps hairdressers, chiropodists and a GP on site. “I recently visited a development and met a woman who was wheelchair-bound, virtually blind and could not feed herself, yet she was living in her own home with intensive nursing and personal care services on the site. I think that sort of care package is going to be much more attractive to most people than a care home.” He envisages some people renting, others buying flats using equity from selling their houses, and others being paid for by local authorities.

It sounds Utopian, but it doesn’t extend much beyond a grand vision at present. The Government has put £87 million into developing “extra care” schemes over three years to 2006, but that doesn’t help the Doves or the thousands like them who need somewhere for an elderly relative to live right now."

Hi everyone - what do you think about this vision??? I have heard it said that the most lonely people to be found are those living in Sheltered Housing - Why is this ? perhpas because everyone outside the compexes think that social activites etc are provided & lots of visits from the warden etc Maybe it used to be that but not now - with large Schemes with lots of units I dont thnk the Wardens or whatever they call them now have time to run Bingo etc etc someitnes the Warden is in charge of units on more than one site.

I'm sure they work well for some people - what we need is CHOICE & enough of each type of Care so that everyone can have what they need and want. I'm afraid that the push for independent living isnt due to 'asking people' or certainly not ENOUGH people - but because its the cheaper option to residential care.

Many people are not aware of what good residential care is like - many still equate care homes with the workhouse & fear it.

Looking forward to this debate !!!!