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Lack of Social Care in UK


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Feb 22, 2015
This morning on Sky TV there was a Police Chief who was saying that due to a lack of Social Care when his men pick up someone with a Mental Illness, there is nowhere for them to go except into a Cell for their own safety. He said that due to the lack of resources and the closure of places it's become a crisis.

I don't care which government is in power, lack of social care in the UK is a disgrace, there's no profit in it so governments aren't interested. To be fair to Councils, they have to make cuts which affect us all because the government has slashed their budgets. I hate politicians with a passion. Most come from privileged backgrounds so will never use Social Care, the lack of in the UK is just a national disgrace.

Rant over


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Nov 23, 2014
Rather political

Agree. What gets to me is this - sweeping statement coming up - many people, and many who should know better, vote for tax cuts, the party which will reduce public spending etc. as a matter of course. what happens to their elderly parents, family with disabilities etc.? do they not know about care home fees, the cost of private care, especially if its round the clock, and all the issues regularly flagged up on here? Lately, we had to make an appt. to register a death, clearly its not a walk-in service any more with staff cuts. I really worry what will happen in future generations when there is no house to sell.
We shall be having beds in portakabins and tents I suppose.
Rant over.