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Korsakoff and early alzheimer's


New member
Jul 14, 2020
Hi everyone
My mum has been has had every test possible but have come back clear so the doctors have diagnosed her with korsakoff and early alzheimer's. Has anyone else had a diagnosis like this? She is currently on Memantine as the last medication wasn't doing anything. Just wanted to see if anyone else knows of anyone with korsakoff doesn't seem to be many threads on it.
Thank you x


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Apr 30, 2019
South East
Hi , I have no knowledge personally but there where a few people talking about it recently on a couple of different threads , have you looked in the search bar ? I am rubbish at tech and don’t know how to add them to show you , sorry .


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Apr 24, 2013
I haven’t personally experienced this but have spoken to several people with a family member with Korsakoffs and it can be a very difficult dementia to deal with.

It is related to overuse of alcohol as you will know and that addiction is hard to control. Those I have spoken to talk about the person being demanding and aggressive. I live near a psychiatric hospital and unless people are in locked in wards they will find a way to
Feed their addiction so looking after someone at home must be doubly difficult.