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Oct 19, 2009
Called in to a local "aids to daily living" shop today to pick up some chair pads (to stop the chair getting wet) and the manager gave me a loan of a catalog to have a look through. People - you would not believe the helpful stuff that's available!! I remember people on here asking for example about mobile phones - did you know you can get a simple mobile phone for people with dementia - it has an SOS button, and then just FOUR buttons to push to call four people - no key pad, no numbers to remember! Anyway - here is the website. Do take a look - it's like rifling through an enormous Christmas stocking!! (just don't look at the prices!) - Oh yes! For those of you with problems with people overflowing sinks/baths - don't miss the magiplug! Simple and brilliant little device! :)


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Mar 4, 2012
The site is good we also have some aids for oh supplied by ot for arthritis and they are good on delivery and setting up.I f only he wasn't so pig headed we might have a great deal more!!!

I bought oh that phone because he was unable to contact me when I was out of the house. He hasn't ever used it and I remind him how to use it every time when I go out. I only hope if ever he does need it he will remember how to use it