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It seems like this happened overnight


New member
Aug 21, 2019
of course it didn’t, but I initially ignored signs of dementia as “age related cognitive decline “. My wife’s symptoms began with rigidly holding onto schedules and inability to adapt to change. Inflexibility was part of my life with her for a good two years prior to diagnosis of Mild Neurocognitive Disorder, the US euphemism for Dementia. She was depressed, irritable, “loaded for bear”, frequently. I would come home from work at 7:15 pm and find her sound asleep in bed. We treated the depression and things got better for a short time.
There’s so much more, for another time. She’s in a steady decline right now and refuses to talk about it. I don’t recognize my wife anymore. Once, loving, caring, even tempered, always meeting me at least halfway. That ship has sailed, and my heart hurts.


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Aug 31, 2003
I’m so sorry to read about your wife. It really is heartbreaking. I’m glad you can share here and hope that helps a little.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
but I initially ignored signs of dementia as “age related cognitive decline “
I did the same @sbmandj

Even though I had experienced dementia in my mother, when my husband's personality changed I thought he was becoming a grumpy old man.
He was treated for depression for a year before his diagnosis of Alzheimer`s.

We never discussed it. I know he was frightened. Perhaps your wife is too. Sometimes it`s really difficult to discuss your greatest fears and having dementia can make it even more difficult to discuss anything.

Of course your heart hurts. How can it be any other way.