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Is there anyone out there?

Rachael D

Registered User
Apr 25, 2005

I'd love to hear from more people who use Talking Point and who can share their experiences on how you value this resource.

I'm interested in hearing from ANYONE who has found it useful, especially people who may be isolated and who may not have access to support groups, as well as any people with dementia. I write our national newsletter and I'm hoping by including a piece in our next edition, more people will be aware TP exists and that they will no longer be missing out on all it has to offer. I've read some interesting comments from some users who have already replied to me.
My questions are:
How did you find out about TP?
What do you like most about it/find most valuable?
Do you use it on behalf of a carer/someone with dementia to keep them informed?
Any occasions it has been of particular help?
How do you think it could be better promoted?
Anything else you want to tell me about

I look forward to your replies.

Best wishes,