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Is my Mum dying?


New member
Oct 17, 2020
Mum was admitted into a nursing care home 2 months ago after a spell in hospital. Before that we (myself and her 4x daily carers) were already having problems getting her to eat. Now she hardly eats a thing - she refuses or won’t eat food. She is anaemic. Weight is dropping off her. She sleeps a lot. She can’t stand. He dementia has worsened although she still recognises me - but “conversation” stopped a long time ago. She’s so thin and so frail. When she was at home I could tell how she was - now she’s in the home I haven’t been able to see her face to face because of COVID. Although she seems ok in herself I think I’m being told what they think I want to hear. I think she might be going downhill rapidly. Am I over reacting???


Volunteer Moderator
Feb 27, 2015
Such a worry for you @JaynieO
From what you say it sounds like your mum is in the end stages but that doesn’t always mean it will be quick.
I wish you strength to cope.


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Dec 15, 2012
hello @JaynieO
sending much sympathy

maybe have a talk with the home's manager, tell them what you are thinking and ask that they be straight, indeed blunt, with you as you prefer to know exactly how it is for your mum .... staff are sometimes reluctant to broach the subject, waiting for a cue from family (as some prefer not to discuss)

best wishes to you both