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Is agression and being distressed common?


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Mar 4, 2013
Auckland...... New Zealand
Mum 74 with moderate AD.
All the classic AD symptoms are there, but not so much the behavioural?
Mum is still so far the placid, good natured Mum we know. She gets a bit snarky with Dad but I don't blame her :rolleyes:

Like when she sees or hears things that are not there, and Dad tells her off she just laughs ( forget compassionate communication with Dad ! )
If she forgets something, she never denies or gets angry with you, she just says " oh I must have forgotten" or " I don't remember".
If you ask her to do something she is always compliant.
If she loses her money that she has hidden, she never accuses anyone. She does get agitated, but we generally always find it. She told me her hiding places.

My husband had a brain tumour 11 yrs ago and had surgery, chemo & radiation.
My children were toddlers at the time, and Mum looked after them alot in those two years.
Last week he had his annual MRI, and he is still in remission.:)
Dad asked how he had got on, and Mum cannot remember any of that time.
In fact she said that she didn't know that my husband had had cancer, why hadn't she been told?
But yet she didn't get distressed by the fact? In fact she showed no emotion ( which I know is common)

All of this doesn't seem typical of AD that I read about.Is she yet to get to that stage, or might she be always like this?


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May 21, 2014
My OH is like this, very happy and compliant. Some people with dementia aren't much bother in that respect. Thank your lucky stars! Not everyone is a cauldron of aggressiveness and anger.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
If you ask the consultant which part(s) of the brain are affected and what this means for a likely prognosis you might get some indication of what the future holds.