Internet Buttons / History Pin / Teach your Granny to text


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Jan 29, 2009
This tool may be useful for those struggling with a computer or who are losing the ability to find their way to relevant sites or programmes. I think its a brilliant idea (as are many of the projects from "We are what we do" URL=""][/URL] )

Hope its helpful :)

History Pin is another of their projects that may be useful when spending time chatting with someone with dementia - the information is very varied.

There are several others (see Portfolio at bottom of main page) but probably the main other one to mention - does what it says on the tin! "Teach your Granny to Text"


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Aug 24, 2010
North Yorkshire
Thank You Celia

Many thanks for sharing this with us :) Celia its all very useful & my favorite is the History Pin :) as it would be good to use at Home , at a Day Club or C H especially with Activity Staff

Am going to mention to J Boss of my local support group as she is all ways on the look out for new projects etc . Once a week the Group runs a Social afternoon for Carer 's & the Cared for so might be able to run the History Pin then ( there are lots of activities to do in the afternoon )

Thank you once again for sharing

Love Grove x