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Infection or not???


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Dec 11, 2014
Had a tough weekend and looking for advice. Had a call from my Aunts carer Saturday evening to say she had had a fall, nothing to be too concerned about they were just informing me. No injuries thankfully I called to see her Sunday no bruises conversations were as normal repeating things but nothing to be concerned about. Monday morning had phone call from carer they had found her on the kitchen floor unconscious. Paramedics came checked her over nothing broken and not needing to go to hospital however she is very badly bruised. Carer gave her breakfast left her comfortable but when I got there she was clearly in a confused state and kept repeating that she had been on a really big train but no one would speak to her or help her. I got her GP out who was brilliant and told me we needed to get her into a community intervention bed possible water infection but clearly at risk of more falls as unable to get out of the chair without losing her balance. She managed to eat her lunch ok but I was not able to get her to drink. As the day went on and we were waiting for news of a bed the confusion appeared to clear. She cannot remember falling but she knows that someone managed to get her back into the living room but does not know why she was in the kitchen. Is this a common thing?? She had a similar problem 3 months ago where I found her in a very sleepy and confused state but she had not had a fall then, this led to 3 weeks stay in the same place her macmillan nurse said she may have had a TIA. Has anyone else been in a similar situation, is this a further decline in her health? They have done blood and water samples at the home today and started a course of antibiotics, phsio going to check her today also. I welcome any advice.


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hello Magic, I am sorry to hear about your mum, it is such a worry when illness strikes, even more so when you don't know the cause.

I hope your Mum makes a full recovery very quickly.
Please let us know how she gets on.

My mum had mixed dementia ,was prone to UTIs. She was often much more confused when she had one, this didn't go for a while after the infection cleared, though everyone is different as I have read on here of people improving after a few days on Antibiotics.

My dad , no dementia is prone to TIA's. They are well controlled now :) his are caused by small blood clots ,so is on Clopidogrel to help prevent them, he was on Aspirin before but can no longer take it.

Their is another cause of them that I know of and the above preventative treatment would be most unsuitable.

The symptoms of a TIA are the same as a stroke, the difference is the symptoms pass quickly often a matter of a few hours

I hope this helps.
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Apr 9, 2012
Food and drink


These symptoms are familiar to most of us here, but they can sometimes go as fast as they arrive. When your Aunt is ill, remember that lack of fluids has a much faster impact than lack of food. Most people can skip a meal or two without ill effect, but everyone needs fluids very regularly. Given the choice of food or drink, it's got to be drink. She needs to be drinking enough for her to need to urinate. If that urine is dark, she needs more fluid. Hope she recovers quickly.



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Dec 11, 2014
Thank you for the replies. No real answers at the moment as to what has happened. We have an oncology appointment this afternoon so not sure what to expect there. I had a phone call from the care home to say that she is ready to be sent home so I am fetching her out on Thursday morning. Just made calls to the care agency to reinstate her call from then and also got someone coming in to advise me on any equipment to help detect if she has had a fall. We have tried bed monitor, fall sensor worn around her waist and also the alarm to be worn around her neck these have all caused her distress. GP is talking about a 24hr heart monitor to see if that will pick up what is happening and also a CT scan. Just awaiting appointments which may drag on a bit due to me fitting them in around work. I am very concerned as I am away on holiday next week and (I know it sounds selfish) would have relaxed more if she had been kept in the intermediate bed another week. I know how desperate they are for the beds though.