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Increased care package- Question!

Mrs Finch

Registered User
Sep 20, 2013

My mother has early onset Alzheimer's at the age of 58 having been diagnosed in 2013.She is now going through a stage of wetting herself; which I don't think is down to incontinence but a lack of awareness of needing the toilet, or going to the toilet and getting confused as to what she has to do when in there.

Both me and my sister have put measures in place; signs, changing toilet seat, as well as a docs appt and incontinence clinic appt to rule it out/help.

What I think is needed is a larger care package; she only gets half hour in the morning, when really she needs at least an hour in case there have been any accidents, aswell as someone going in of an evening to prompt going to the toilet; we've trialled this and more often than not it works and the day centre she attends is supporting us with this.

Has anyone had any experience of getting a care pacakge re-assesed and how easy was it? My mum is in Croyodn, who on the whole have been good but I feel that as I'm well informed about things they get the impression we can just get on with it, when both me and my sister work full time and my mum lives on her own, so although we're over at weekends and are there for emergencies we can't be there every night.

Any advice or experience anyone has with this would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks