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Incontinence well nearly

Bella Cleo

Registered User
Aug 31, 2013
Does anybody have advice please. Mum has now reached the stage where she takes herself to the loo to do number twos but doesn’t wipe with paper it can be towels, flannels or anything around. If I’m home I always take her to the loo but doubt my father will wipe her it’s not an man thing especially as my father is 90. Mum wears pads but still goes to the loo I guess she’s in between still knowing to go and becoming fully incontinent.
any advise please?

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hello @Bella Cleo

Do you think your father would be able to hand your mother some wet wipes when she goes to the toilet? Not the packet, just a few.

I suggest nothing else is left lying around for her find.


Registered User
Nov 26, 2018
Portsmouth, South Coast
Thank you Grannie I’ll suggest this to my father.
It may be better if only toilet tissue was available as wet wipes will clog up the loo and drains.

You could try having some 'pretty' loo paper - nice colour or something - and only a few sheets out at a time or perhaps roll short lengths onto an empty cardboard tube.