Incontinence supplies/equipment and beds


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Jan 12, 2008
This is probably a very silly question, but can you get incontinence supplies on prescription? It's suddenly occured to me that when Meg comes home, she's probably going to need to wear a pad, I'll need covers for chairs, etc. Likely to cost a fair bit if we have to pay for the stuff!

Also, I'm awaiting a discussion with a Social Worker about home support, would this cover things like incontinence advice or should I just contact my District Nurses direct? I'm hoping it's the later, as our District Nurses are lovely!

Meg currently sleeps in a "normal" bed, but she tends to lean to her right and fell out a couple of times, (this was when she was well). It's made more awkward by the fact that she will only sleep sitting up, for no medical reason, just preference. This makes her more likely to fall out. I rigged up a sort of frame at the side of the bed to stop this happening. She also needs a step-thingie to help her get into to it, as it's at normal height. Before she became ill, she seemed to be having problems with this step, her foot was slipping on it as she tried to boost herself up onto the be. I think this was because an inflated mattress topper had been added, to help prevent pressure sores.

Anyway, the local site for loan equipment shows that electric beds are available. Again, does anyone know if the subject of beds should be appproached via the Social Worker or via the Distict Nurses.

I fear this might be a bit of a rambling post - insomnia is rampant at the moment and I'm sleep-deprived.


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Apr 13, 2007

I was in the same situation with my mother back in early May. Because I had carers coming in the agency requested a risk assessment from the social services occupational therapist. They supplied everything my mother needed, including a raise and recline chair. The pads I got from the district nurse who referred mum to a continance advisor (oops spelling) but I had to do a throughput chart indicating when she drank and did a wee. My mum has a hospital bed as she kept falling out, but there was a risk with cotsides.

They allow my mum 4 pads per day which is a joke but she does have extra.

I had to scream and shout from the rooftops to get equipment for my mum and I'm still screaming. As I was advised by TP members earlier in the year you need to shout to be heard by these people otherwise they fobb you off. You also need to be generous with the truth (if you know what I mean)

You should not have to pay for anything. You should also receive a carers assessment.

Good luck!!!!


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Doreen

Louise is right, you should be able to get most things from SS, but it does vary from area to area.

For example, our area supplied pads for John, but I couldn't get pull-ups, I had to buy those. John was still going to the toilet himself (with frequent accidents), but couldn't manage the pads, so I bought pull-ups to use during the day.

Also kylie sheets for the bed. Some areas supply them, ours didn't, so I had to buy those as well.

The best thing is to ask both SW and district nurse what is available, and take it from there.

Louise is also right, you should have a carer's assessment, if you haven't already had one.


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Mar 21, 2003
I don't know if this will help, but here are a couple of contacts and resources for help with incontincence issues. I'm sure someone could help with your specific questions.

from the Society's information sheet
The Continence Foundation is a charity that works to provide information, expertise and advise about all aspects of incontinence. They can put you in touch with an adviser in your area and they also run a telephone helpline, open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

InContact is a charity for people affected by bladder and bowel problems. It provides support and information, and represents the interests of people with continence problems.

The Continence Foundation
307 Hatton Square
16 Baldwins Gardens
London EC1N 7RJ
Helpline 020 7831 9831,

United House
North Road
London N7 9DP
Telephone 0870 770 3246

I've also taken a look at beds for both mum and dad. The side supports sound like the best idea but an electric bed will definitely help the carer as well. Mum got one via her home, but I did look into renting at one point. Hopefully the social worker can help. The electric bed she has allows her to get very low so it is much easier to get in and out of bed. Just make sure you are careful with the controls as you can get is some odd positions.

Please check out my thread on electic beds for more information:

If you need any specifics/company names just pop me a PM.

Hope this helps and good luck
Kindest Regards


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Jan 12, 2008
Thanks all for the helpful responses.

I think I'll be contacting the District Nurses next week, to see what they have to say about both matters. They are very good, they've been coming to give Meg an "MOT" every six months since she moved to Sheffield, so I'm sure they'll be as helpful as they can.