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Mar 21, 2003
Hi Sandy, thanks for that link.

It makes very interesting reading. I don't know if anyone picked up the observer this weekend, but they also had a long article about behaviour and childhood illness (including autism) being related to lack of omega-3s in the diet. They also showed how omega-3s can influence concentration, memory and general mental health. Here is the link to a copy of the article if anyone is interested:

What not to feed you child

What your children should eat

Thanks again Sandy.
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Mar 23, 2005
Glad it help.

It's quite frightening to find out what we are serving up our children, especially as adult diet gets so much attention on a daily basis in the media. I also forwarded the article to my daughter's school. It was scary to read that most of the 'food additive surveys' are carried out by the manufacturers themselves (e.g. Tate and Lyle carrying out extensive reseach which of course found that sugar does not affect childrens behaviour). It was quite refreshing to see that your link referenced 'bona fide' research.

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