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Imminent move to nursing home


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Jan 6, 2014
south east wales
Within the week my OH will be moving into a nursing home. He needs 24/7 care now, mostly because he has lost his mobility and needs hoists, turning at night etc. His vascular dementia is also well advanced but he knows where he is and who people are.
I want to make his last few days at home meaningful for us both and of course I have to tell him he will be moving... Each time I think of him leaving home I feel tearful though I know it is the best decision as he is now in one room at home with a hoist that is too small...
I guess it is about making positive memories... Any thoughts and tips for the impending move much appreciated.

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hello patchworkamber

I appreciate the stress you are under because I`ve been in the same situation.

As far as making your husband`s last few days meaningful, I would just continue with your normal routine because if your husband is anything like mine, sudden changes increase confusion.

When my husband went into residential care I told him he was going to convalesce to build up his strength. I also said it was medical advice so he wouldn`t think I was trying to push him out.

I don`t know how you might feel about this form of untruths but it worked for us and I thought it worth mentioning.

I hope all goes well.