How wife got better!

bin Obed

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Jan 31, 2004
Bangkok, Thailand
Seven years ago my wife started getting dementia. Later it was diagnosed as AD after extensive hospital examination including scans. She was like a zombie, eyes dead, no recognition, sleeping most of the time, fought when attempting to give her a bath or clean her after befouling the bedsheets.

Then I read in the British Medical Journal that aroma therapy might be helpful if genuine lavendar or lemon oils were used. After five days of this she ceased to fight being given a bath.

Then I heard about healing music. I bought a CD player and seven CDs. They now play 24 hours a day. Some sparkle came back to her eyes.

After massaging arms, hands, legs, feet with a Chinese balm, she sleeps better. As a result she now sits up 6 to 9 hours a day and watches TV, and a grand-nephew aged 18 months.

Finally, I give great credit to a very expensive holisitc medicine, PCA/rx, [US$125- for about a two week supply of liquid sprayed under the tongue] a peptide which is a chlatherate (which means that a molecule of it will enclose a molecule of heavy metal and expel it. This appears to have resulted in a gradual reduction of plaque in the brain cells, with a medical comment that some of these cells were not dead but only clogged. She does not understand the spoken word (her hearing is OK) but now can speak up to 4 words in context to what she sees or feels. She still must be spoon fed, however, which takes time and effort. Also, she now recognizes the half dozen persons with whom she comes in daily conduct - but still does not know relatives whom she sees on occasionally. With two persons assisting, we can eve get her to do a little (so far very little) walking each day.

After only a year of the above holistic treatment, I adjudge (my personal opinion only - not a scientific determination) that my wife has improved about 15% to 20%. This means it is so very much easier to take care of her.

We live in a third world country where I can afford two women to look after her 24 hours a day in our own place with a nice tropical garden. If I were in my home country, the regular medical establishment would not allow me to utilize all this holistic type treatment. Here the M.D. permits, and in fact has reduced the prescription drugs. Her blood pressure, colesterol, and triglyceride readings have all improved.

After having been assailed so strongly in my home country with: "There's no hope. Put her in a home and forget her", I only wish to suggest that perhaps some of the above methods may provide at least a bit of help to those so afflicted.


bin Obed


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear bin Obed,

I have found a spray made from pure lavender oil in the Uk, which I use to spray on my mothers night wear and pillows. This really helps her to get a very good night's sleep. I've tried it too - it has a lovely fragrance. It's made by Wella.



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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
I'm getting as bad as my parents....... The spray is made by RADOX as is called Good Night Pillow Spray. I bought it in Boots, so you should be able to find some fairly easily.

Nutty Nan

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Nov 2, 2003
I read an article some time ago that praised the calming effect of Extract of Lemon Balm, which can be added to any drink, even a tipple of Vodka!
Has anyone come across this, or even tried it? Unfortunately, I have not managed to buy any, even though I have tried several health food shops.

Scary Mary

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Feb 23, 2004
I bought a lavender neck pillow – she keeps it on the radiator to keep warm. It helps for sleeping and as a comfort during the day.

You can get them in boots.



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Feb 22, 2004

It was lovely to read your letter about alternative therapies. i my self am an aromathepist. I have used lavender oil on residents in my care home to give hand and arm masages when they are restless. That along with soft tropical music can indeed help to elevate agitation.

Good Luck and God Bless


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Jul 29, 2009

That sounds exactly like what my mum needs please can anyone tell me where to buy these products. I try frangrance oils in lavander and de stress in her room with candles 24 hours a day and spray her bedlinen with lavender sprays but to be able to put something on her tongue sounds wonderfull. Please help me I am having a desperate morning. Mum has screamed all night and has continued to shout out and screech all morning.


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Mar 23, 2005
Hi suzw82,

I'm sorry, but you have replied to a very old thread - all of these posts were made in 2004.

Things like aromatherapy can help some people at certain times, but it sounds like your mother's needs are much more intense.

I would have thought you need to ring the GP and see what can be done for your mum as soon as possible.

Take care,


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Jun 3, 2005

A quick Google for "PCA/rx" led to this site -, and many others.
As Sandy pointed out, this thread was started years ago, so check carefully that what you are reading about (or thinking about buying) is still current.
Please be aware that the Internet is full of businesses selling very expensive products which MAY not work!
However, I understand your desperation to find something, anything, to calm your mother when she is so very disturbed.

Have you been in touch with her doctor/consultant recently to seek advice, or perhaps a review of her present medication?
They need to be kept up to date with her condition & general behaviour pattern, otherwise they will assume you're able to manage - if you don't tell them, how else could they know?

With sympathy & best wishes


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Oct 14, 2006
Hello Bin Obed, or should I say:
(Assalamu’alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuh) and “Sawadee Cap”

As I see you live in the ‘Land of Smiles’ :D which is a country that I once lived in and worked for 5 years until moving to Indonesia some 15 years ago where I now live, although I’m a British subject.

I myself was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Five years ago but just want to say that I concur with what you write about using (Massage with Chinese Balm, and Aromatherapy) which is something I use myself everyday and night, the combination of the aromatherapy (I use Lavender) with the body massage that my wife gives me each evening before I go to bed with the Chinese balm is very relaxing to the muscles and soothing to the brain, as and when I have a bad stressful day the massage is particularly good in reliving the tension.

In fact I have written threads about this in the (I have dementia section) a short time ago, and the fact that my wife takes care of me herself at home so I’m always within my own familiar surroundings

But one of the other things I would add is that the intensity of the medical treatment where I live and from what I remember of Thailand, I have to say is far better than I could expect to receive in my home country, out here I have to go for my medical check ups every two weeks so my doctor is constantly aware of any slight changes in my condition but in my home country from what I understand such check ups would most likely be on a 3-4 months bases, so I feel that the intense attention from my doctor is also helping to have a positive affect on my long term condition, (But that’s only my own opinion)

Best wishes to you (Sawadee cap)


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Jan 27, 2009
I have a funny feeling that the original thread was trying to flog something as he only has posted the once, just be careful like Lynn says with which sites you visit and products you buy, always consult a registered practitioner as holistic and or natural medicine can interact with prescription drugs xx:eek:


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Jun 3, 2005
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