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House keys missing from key safe.


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Sep 4, 2011
My brother was visiting dad yesterday morning, when the carer came and said that she had had to come back as she couldn't get in at 7.00 am, her usual time, because the key safe was empty and dad didn't hear her even though the dog was barking.

It is a mystery as to where the keys are, we have never told dad about the key safe let alone the code, which he wouldn't remember anyway.

I have asked the care company to check with recent carers just in case they have taken the keys home, but I suspect what most likely happened, is that they used them and left them on the side and dad has picked them up. However, that doesn't stop that niggling feeling that someone may have acquired them illicitly. I will be seeing dad tomorrow, but won't have time to arrange lock changes until next week. Just hope everything will be alright.:(


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
I hope the keys have been left inside and dad has moved them.
I would also change the code on the key safe just to be on the safe side.