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Hospital stay


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Aug 19, 2015
Catheters are known to increase risk of uti - could they, is it practical for your mother to have pads? This is just so awful. Sending a big virtual hug.

la lucia

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Jul 3, 2011
To update. I have made a formal complaint in writing and am awaiting a reply. The NHS advocacy service agreed to help me but when they had heard the details of the incident they said they had a duty to inform the local council because this was a safeguarding issue. The local council reviewed the incident and have now given the hospital 60 days to conduct a thorough investigation.
Meanwhile Mum is confabulating, hallucinating and delusional. Wondering if she would be as bad if she was somewhere else? No stimulation at all, laying in a bed all day with a catheter in, one UTI after another, one set of ABs after another, doubly incontinent. Unable to recognise anyone or anywhere or anything. Not wanting to eat or drink.The saddest end to a life you could imagine. Heartbreaking
Why haven't they moved her to somewhere better suited to her needs than a general ward? This just sounds awful for both her and you. And I agree with the other comments about catheters - what the hell are they doing? It's like they are generating half the problems and it's unnecessary. Is there no intermediate care / cottage hospital in your area? I really feel for you.


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Jan 9, 2014
No there's nothing to move to. No cottage hospitals or smaller convalescent homes. Hospital is under "requires improvement" rating from CQC - if this is the hospitals idea of improvement , heaven knows how bad it was before!!!
I asked to have the catheter removed but was told that because Mum has faecal impaction presently there is a risk of something ... can't remember what it was now!
Head is spinning from visiting, complaining and wondering what I should do next. No relatives and only child so doing it all on my own. Did contact the carers association who have been very supportive.
Two other relatives of other patients have spoken to me today and told me that they have made written complaints.


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Aug 19, 2015
Mum had faecal impaction. I was told this stopped her bladder emptying properly hence the infections. When the bowel overflowed, the impaction was still there and she ended up in hospital with sepsis. It may be the catheter is there to make sure your mother's bladder empties, but she's getting infections anyway. I know every case is different, so what's caused all this with my mother isn't going to be the same as with yours, but I'd be asking why hasn't the hospital given her an enema or even enemas to clear the impaction? If they don't want to give enemas, why don't they and what are they going to do about the impaction? It's dangerous.

It is very hard indeed to deal with this without back up from family to add their voices to yours. It is so painful watching one's loved ones going through this appalling treatment. Best wishes.

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