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hospital stay


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Jul 30, 2014
Lichfield Staffs
last time I went into hospitalit was an emergency and I might noy have come out.
I do not have a mobile phone. no body told my daughter. so no one knew I was there.
I was told I had a selective memory. I could not remember what I had had for breakfast.
I was told ifi had dementia I would not know.
they read out the menu and I could not remember what they had said.
I had a list of my pills but they wanted me to remember them. no doubt dancing a jig and knitting and ....
I was a nightmare.
I am only 62 and have a hearing aid completely deaf in other ear. completely blind in one eye but just see enough not to be partially sighted.
I do not d
know faces they all look the same not ven my daughter.
they expected me toknow what dr had said what.
I know I missed meals
I complained and was told it did not happen.
next time I amill I will have to gothere again.
I had to insisit that I was ill at the beg
I had blood clots on my lungs and they wanted to send me home
something else they denied.

it scares me


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Aug 24, 2013
Hi Ed
In the world of **** (let's say poo) we all live in when Doctor dementia comes to visit what you say is just so sad, the NHS is run by targets and not by compassion, until that culture changes looking after you isn't high on the list. Can you get anyone to act for you and get you some better care?