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Home Care visits in Ramsbottom, Lancashire


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Dec 1, 2015
Ramsbottom, Lancashire.
Hello everyone,
Does anyone have experience of or would be prepared to recommend a good home care service in the Ramsbottom area??
My Mother lives on here own and now needs assistance/ guidance with all aspects of home life; dressing, washing, feeding, on a daily basis. Due to the Dementia, keeping her at home is the very best option as she can somehow still navigate the house and get herself to the toilet but to be honest that is about all and living on her own she needs regular and perhaps more importantly competent care. Recommendation of a good care in the above area would be a great help!


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Jul 20, 2011
My suggestions would be to go to a local carers cafe and see what people have to say there - very often local knowledge abounds at carers cafes and there will be lots of people there able to tell you where not to go!! I just quickly googled and this info is available about your local carers organisation Carers Support

The closest Carers Centre to the Prestwich Site is:
Bury Carer Centre
Victoria Buildings
9 Silver Street Bury
Telephone: 0161 763 4867
Website: www.burycarerscentre.com
Email: ummrana@burycarers.com

Bury Carer Centre offers a wide range of support, information and groups.

Alternative support groups are offered by Bury Carer Centre at:

Ramsbottom Library/Medical Centre
Prestwich Pharmacy
For dates and times of the groups please contact Bury Carers Centre directly on 0161 763 4867 or through their website www.burycarerscentre.com
Please note: Bury Carers Centre is available to residents of Bury.