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Holidays / Respite

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Nov 5, 2014
Following on from the message on the Health and Wellbeing board about holidays, I wondered if anyone has any suggestions about any organisations which run holidays for people with dementia. My mum isn't too bad as yet, but out of her own environment I think she needs more support than I could give on my own if I were to take her somewhere. She lives with one of my sisters (or rather my sister and her family live with my Mum), and although I am going to stay there with her when sister et al go away, I know she (my sister) would appreciate some time when they could stay at home without my mum being there.

In the meantime my mum has always enjoyed holidays, although I wouldn't want to take her too far these days. She loves Scotland, so ideally somewhere in the Highlands would be great! (I've looked at the Dementia Adventure link in the other message, and unfortunately most of their holidays appear to be in the Lake District, which is where my mum lives, although it would be fine for me as I live in London!)

So I'm looking for somewhere we could go when she would get support if she needs it - last time I went away with her she wanted to visit a doctor on the second day; fortunately that time we were very near her own GP so I took her there. But it needs to be a holiday where someone could go with her and we could do stuff together as well as join in whatever is going on. It should also be some sort of holiday for me and possibly another sister who might also go with us, although neither of us are under the illusion that we will get much of a real break! We're just trying to plan a holiday for mum and a break for the other sister who is with her most of the time.

I hope this makes some sort of sense. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Aug 31, 2003
I'm taking it that this is the thread you refer to -


Other those places mentioned on that thread I don't know of any more. I do know of one hotel in Nairn which is set up to receive disabled guests. I contacted them regarding people with dementia and they said that they had received guests with dementia. They don't provide any kind of support though. It's more that they have accessible bathrooms and an awareness of needs. I'll send you the name by PM.

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Nov 5, 2014
Yes, that's the one! Thanks for the hotel suggestion. I will look into it, but you are right that it's not quite the area I had in mind.


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May 21, 2014
I have no experience with the Dementia Adventure guys but they say on their website that they can organise bespoke travel to anywhere you want to go, including Scotland. I guess it depends on the level of care your mum needs and how much you want to do yourself in terms of looking after her while away.

We go to one of the three Revitalise Centres around England that have Alzheimer's weeks three times a year. The next is end of September. There are nurses and a laundry service plus preplanned outings each day, and a meal just for carers one evening. You can check it out here or ask me more questions. We've been four times already.

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