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Holiday Care


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Feb 13, 2016
Does anyone know of any agencies in Cambridge or surrounding areas that supply live-in respite carers?

My sister in law is 60, mobile, however she unfortunately is unable to cook for herself or make herself a cup of coffee. She goes to pottery classes on a Friday and needs some sort of stimulation. Her husband would really like to go away for a week in the summer, has had a look at a couple of care homes but they are mostly filled with very elderly people who aren't active.

Any leads would be very much appreciated.


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Last year when I was looking for new carers for my father, I interviewed a lady who works as a live-in carer. At the time I met her, she was doing caring visits of two weeks' duration in London, and then having two weeks off at home in Yorkshire. She was looking for something else to fill in some of the time she had spare. She is not with an agency; she is self-employed.

I have not employed her so far - I interviewed her as a possible back-up person for emergencies. Because I have only met her once, obviously I can't vouch for her. She seemed very nice, and my father's other carers have known her for a long time - I got in contact with her because they knew her. If you message me, I can give you her number.