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hi Im Colette, help!!!


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Aug 11, 2015
ok Im fine, finally getting to post anything is a good step, took me a while, hi I'm Colette, my mum has early onset dementia, 7 yrs now, I moved her into mine 3 wks ago, feels like longer, but it's been fun and mixed. Right now Im thnking devices that would help me not repeat myself so much, ie time, day of the week, but I hate the exploitation out there so Im hoping to come up with a solution which I can share with everoyne? just don't know yet... how hard can it be? right now happy to have a voice and hear other voices, hello all.. getting excited it's nearly 10pm and mum's happy to go to bed at that time, never smoked till recently, would never smoke in front of mum so my plan is get her to bed and light up........ need to go she's on walkabout, I need to convince her bed is the best option tight now, haha wish me luck


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Hi Colette,
Well done on finally managing to post

Ooh, the questions, over and over, I know. Something simple that the memory clinic did for mam was to help with the "What day is it?" one.

They printed off A4 sheets with "today is Monday" etc., put them in those plastic file things and into a ring binder. The ring binder now stands on the hearth and dad turns the page each day. Oh, it's printed in landscape, if that helps.
They also provided them with laminated sheets that have a space to to write day and date, a tick box for any medication, place for appts. today and tomorrow and a general things to remember. One of mam's things is to constantly ask what they're having for dinner. Dad writes this on the sheet each morning and directs her to it when she asks. She's getting the hang of it

I'm sure you'll get lots more advice from people with much more experience than me, but I hope it helped.



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Aug 30, 2013
Daily routine

What was your mother routine before she came to you?
Is it much different now?


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