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Jun 3, 2005
And from that link, I quote ...

When it begins, Alzheimer's is often difficult to distinguish from other conditions - or even from mild cognitive impairment.

But early diagnosis of the condition is key because drugs to slow its progress have the most effect when administered when the disease is still in its earliest stages.
Despite this, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, recommends that the few medications available to slow down the mental deterioration (Aricept & the like) should not be prescribed to Early Stage sufferers!!

Sorry folks, I know it's a well-worn soap box, and that here I am preaching to the converted, but it just jabbed me where it hurt.
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Mar 14, 2006
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Thanks, Little Sis for that...

Lynne, no apologies, surely? If that soapbox is getting worn perhaps it just needs a few more building blocks to support it and keep raising it higher? (Or you can share mine!!!;) )

Forgive me, now if I'm being thick (I'm not in the 'medication' realm with mum yet, if ever, so don't understand this 'first-hand') ... but I think what you are getting is 'what's the point in early diagnosis if any treatment is subsequently withheld????'......

Love, Karen, x


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Feb 26, 2006
My six years of experience have led me to the conclusion that Aricept is most valuable in the early and mid stages of AD, I am currently experiencing the late stages and have yet to form an opinion of Aricept at this stage.

How can an unelected, unqualified, unaccountable body totally lacking in experience of AD pontificate on the effectiveness of Aricept and find contrary to all professional opinion.

Will you lot get off the soapbox, you know I have exclusive use.