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Jan 22, 2014
Can anyone tell me or give advice on how to persuade my mom to use incontinence pads, especially at night time. She says she does not need them but she often has an accident as she sleeps quite heavy or sometimes doesn't make it to the bathroom in time especially after her hip op.


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Feb 4, 2015
We persuaded my Dad to trial one, just for a night to see how he got on, a little white lie was told, that the nurse wanted his opinion...he thought he was helping the nurse out so was happy to help.
He did use it and the following morning, after we explained to him, that the use of the pad saved mum the washing of bedsheets he was happy to continue with them.
Not everone would agree with whire lies, however it didnt cause any distress and didnt cause him any harm :)
we also put one over the carpet incase he doesnt make it in time.
Hope this helps x


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Jan 25, 2015
I'm very open with my Mum about intimate stuff and told her about me wearing towels both for periods and incontinence - really bad cough was leading to some little accidents! I think that helped. I also say how it's nice to be fresh and encourage her to wear them in the day as well so she gets used to how much more comfortable it is to be dry and not have accidents. She will take them out at random times but has got much more used to the whole idea.
Also my sister had the idea of putting a chamber pot in the room. Although my Mum doesn't make it to the toilet she wakes and uses the pot regularly. She is sometimes quite embarrassed when I take it to clean it in the morning but she soon forgets that and has used the same pot in a number of different locations which is useful.
Good luck.