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Help with respite/breaks


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Apr 8, 2015

My Mum has Altzeimers but is physically pretty well and doesn't need nursing care. she needs to be kept an eye on and cooked for. she gets very confused and is not able to retain information. she still recognises close family. My Dad who is very active is finding it very challenging to be caring for her and is desperate for a break. Until now he has been able to leave her and the dog for long weekends etc but she shouldn't really be left for long periods now.

Does anyone know of any respite holidays or care homes that are more like holidays than a nursing home. it seems very hard to fins somewhere. they live in South Wales and also the Lake district for part of year. Any ideas???


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May 21, 2014
Revitalise do breaks for carers and their loved ones. They have Alzheimer's week three times a year, in January, March and October. They have three centres in England, do day trips and have evening entertainment: www.revitalise.org.uk

Dementia Adventure do a mix of trips, from five day holidays with walking to adventure trips and they can also do bespoke tours, though I imagine they might be more expensive. Some of the 5 day holidays are in the Lake District: http://www.dementiaadventure.co.uk/adventures/holidays

For day to day respite he should look into day centres and sitting services. Day centres can be very lively places with song and dance, activities and exercise going on and would give your dad the chance to do his own thing during the day. My OH loves his day centre.
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Sep 21, 2013
I don't know about in wales but in northants I have not found any sitting service . was told there is one but I left messages but no answer yet and that was 4 weeks ago. the only time away we get as my mother in law lives with us has vascular dementia is we go out separately unless my daughter gran sits. would love a week away together but don't see how . :(Sorry no help but I know how your dad is feeling.)


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Dec 18, 2014
Marlborough, Wiltshire
I've been away with Dementia Adventure. It was very much a holiday where we felt normal again. They are a bit expensive however some holidays are subsidised making them good value when you consider accommodation, meals, support are all provided