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May 31, 2005
Near Heathrow
My friend's husband has recently been diagnosed. Her husband is obsessed with taking out their elderly dog for a walk. During half an hour's chat I had with her today her husband took out, or attempted to take out their dog at least 20 times. He says he's the only person who cares about the dog. I suggested diverting him to something else, but apparently he's lost all interest in anything - even his once first love - gardening. Has anyone any suggestions, as also the very obvious reluctance by the poor dog doesn't work either.

I have joined this forum as my friend has no computer knowledge, and it's the only way I can think of helping our friends & neighbours of over 35 years.

Thanks in anticipation! Silverfish :confused:


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Mar 16, 2005
PS That poor dog!

Hi Silverfish,

Welcome to TP! I'm sure you will find this forum IS a great help for you to pass on information and help to your friends/neighbours. Your suggestion about divertion is a good one

We find that completely changing the subject often works, ("oh look at that airplane!" followed quickly by "I'll just put the kettle on and we'll have a cup of tea before you go" etc.) but obviously it doesn't work every time and there's only so many aeroplanes you can spot and cups of tea you can drink in a day!

I found a couple of links which may help or you could use the Search facility yourself to search for 'distraction' or some such word.

So many 'friends' drift away when AD arrives, it's great that you want to help.

I hope you will vote in the poll - you will be the first friend to do so:

Best wishes,
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May 31, 2005
Near Heathrow
Thanks for your welcome

Thanks a lot - will pass info. to my friend. If I disappear it certainly won't be because I don't want to help. So often even old friends appear to want to struggle on their own. Have offered all the usual - shopping, lifts etc., but they are never taken up, & I think before we condemn friends/relatives spare a thought for the repeated rejections resulting in the feeling that you're "interfering". Still I'm hoping this will help, and that soon she will come to accept how ill her husband is & will try the suggestions of you experts - especially when I emphasise you are all "ordinary?" people.

I thought that if I drip-drip the advice I get & ask her if there's anything I can put to the forum, maybe this will help her to cope.

On a lighter note - did you look at my address when you commented on the amount of aircraft!!!!! Many many thanks to you all & I hope I'll be back. :)

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