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Apr 16, 2006
Hello to all fellow user,s of TP. I have not said much for a while as I have been very low. I have checked in to see how you are all doing but have not been able to reply to any of you. As you are all aware it is sometimes all too much trying to deal with what ever is coming next. I have been through a tough time recently the result being I have split with my partner because of his lack of support for me in looking after mum. Her response to this has been "well you will now be able to see me more but it is a shame". Any way do not want to wallow but to let you all know it did help me just knowing you were all there if I needed you, and I have been able to sort out Mums CAR:D problem. I told her she would have to ring her insurance company and tell them she had been unwell and in hospital, also if she did not do this she would not be insured. She said this was rubbish but did not drive again after I told her. Then I spoke about how much it was costing her to keep the car to sit outside the house and yesterday we sold it...She is now moaning at me because I did not polish it first but hey!!I can go to work tomorrow and not worry about her having an accident .


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Mar 7, 2004
Hello again panda, thanks for bringing us up to date, sorry about your news though.

Well done you for sorting out the car problem. You deserve a medal for that - it is never easy I know.

Look after yourself, and welcome back.

blue sea

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Aug 24, 2005
Hi Panda
What a brilliant solution to car problem! Take things one day at a time and savour the better moments.

Blue sea